Gorgeous color for late summer and early fall.

Anemones, or Windflowers, are lovely garden subjects that come in a variety of forms and colors. All have lush compound leaves and like well-drained soil, plenty of moisture, and partial shade. They may be slow to establish, but once settled in they require little care. We recommend mulching for the winter in Northern gardens.

  • $15.95
    2016 Perennial of the Year! A hybrid from the 1800's considered the hardiest white. Produces abundant 2 to 3 inch...
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    (Syn. A. vitifolia) Grape Leaf Anemone. Almost shrub-like plants carry masses of 2 to 3 inch, bright pink...
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    ('Macane001' P.P.23132) A long blooming selection to be enjoyed from late spring until a fall frost. Large, 3 inch...